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Should children beaten or not below of the14 years.?

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  1. Anonymous

    Having experience with both beating and other methods of discipline, I believe that beating is the poor man's attempt at raising children. Better methods of discipline are taking away privileges, such as beloved toys, pocket money, computer time, staying up late Friday night, favored foods, etc. and ignoring the child's temper tantrums when you take their things away, they will soon learn that complaining has no effect whatsoever. Only return the privilege when they have done something good, not when they stopped doing something bad. Consistency in applying the punishments is needed from a very young age; the older you start the less effective these methods become. I find that beating is mainly done by people who never learned about child rearing or those who are very inconsistent in their punishment of children and irregular with their rules at home. Beating expends a lot of energy out of the parent, but the results of the method of correction are quite limited.

    To this day, I have little respect for my father who used corporeal punishment on me. Instead, I have a great respect for my dead foster grandmother who never needed to lay a finger on me to get me to behave in the way that she wanted; she just needed to say this is or isn't allowed and it would be like that the next day, the next week, and even the next year – and no argument would make her budge, because she was right and we both knew it.

    That being said, I firmly believe that a beating is still better than no discipline at all, which many modern parents seem to favor.

  2. lenpol7

    I received that cane on my hands at the age of eleven (11) and slapped on the hands with a ruler at an even younger age (8 yrs I think).
    I am now 74 years old, and still able to tell the tale!!!!
    A bit of corporal punishment is no bad thing.

  3. bravozulu

    No. It makes no difference on the age. I have a hard time thinking when it might be appropriate. There are some adolescent males where it might be appropriate but that would only be if they were doing something criminal or dangerous and needed to be stopped. It never should be used as punishment.

  4. Apollenaire

    Beaten? Only in self-defense.

  5. Krishnamurthy

    Children should not be beaten.

  6. Pearl L

    noone should be beaten at any age, if anyone is beating you call the police or cps, you shouldnt have to put up with that

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