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also her training is going pretty average, except for peeing, and pooping in the house..

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  1. Jessica
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    You have to tell your mom that you love your dog more than anything! Plus, you also have to tell her that he hasn't been through training for that long and he needs more time to learn. Make her feel guilty, like saying that if you give her up you'll never forgive her or you'll never talk to her again. I'm 14, so I think it's so wrong that sometimes parents get rid of their children's dogs because they're too lazy and don't want to do that much work. My cousin had a dog and her son loved him so much, but they left him in the crate for 8 hours at a time, and because he's a puppy, he'd get extremely excited when they let him out. They ended up bringing him back to the shelter and my second cousin was devastated. Don't let your mom take him away from you. Hold on to your baby and don't let him go no matter what! I hope this helped, and I wish you the best of luck!!!

  2. J C

    If you have had her for a month, she should be well on her way to being housetrained, and some basic obedience. If this was to be YOUR puppy, you clearly have not put any work into her at all. Pups are work - lots of it. They require you to take them outdoors every 2-3 hours, and then spend several sessions a day 15 minutes at a time with training. There are TONS of web sites with puppy training information. You have not kept up your part of the bargain that was struck here, and so yes, your mom is getting rid of the pup you did not take care of. Loving her doesn't get her trained, nor does taking her to training camp.

  3. dorothy

    common sense tells you a young puppy IS like a human baby WITHOUT a DAIPER ,. get puppy pads , take the pup into your back yard to play & toilet . the pup IS teething , get her a couple of RAWHIDE chewy things to gnaw on , a RAWHIDE bone & RAWHIDE chews , plus an old shoe or slipper ,. it DOES take PATIENCE & TRAINING ..

  4. Star_of_Darkness

    Its not yours so you can't stop her. You are a child and a child can't own a pet. its HER dog and since you refuse to take care of it, refuse to train it or anything, she is getting of fit and you have no say in this

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