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In my own mind I had thoughts that he was acting insane but I need confirmation from an outside point of view. Things he does: parks his truck horizontally in our driveway blocking me in so I can't get out when we're fighting, punches himself in the face when he gets angry. Punches tv's and chucks items...

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  1. Anonymous

    Only good thing about this, is that I cannot say "You married him."

    Since that would be the biggest mistake of your life.

    You two act like a married couple, however, you still have an opportunity to get out while the going is good.

    This is going to escalate and not even mom will be able to help here.

    He has anger issues to a very dangerous level, and only a professional can sort this out, has very little to do with you, but control issues and violence and self hatred for himself.

    Could turn irreversibly violent if you don't ignore this and think he will get better.

    Be safe.

  2. bennett

    He's mental and you are at risk of being killed by him. Grab your stuff. Get away from him and file a restraining order.

  3. k w

    sounds like a control freak, youmay have to move....restraining orders just make them wishes

  4. Anonymous

    bad situation

  5. my 2 cents

    He's abusive, please leave.

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