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The posts are 5x5x96 inches. I have 5 posts set so far. Lowes said they can order 108" posts, but don't carry them. I have hard clay soil, and live on a hill. I am digging the post holes 12" square, filling with 3" of gravel, and filling with a few bags of premixed concrete. I don't want this...

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  1. Lou C. Ferr

    The 8' poles will work.

    If you don't want them heaving you need to put the bottom or the cement (not the pole) below the frost line (it's 42" in IL) AND "bell out" the bottom of the hole.

    For a 6' post (above ground) there will still be 2' embedded in the cement.


    The posts themselves don't even have to extend below the surface is properly secured to the concrete base. The base should extend below the frost line in your area, which is not the same everywhere in the state.

  3. XTX

    two feet is deep enough === it would be best that you drill and install a rebar iron bar to avoid twisting or heaving == you will make your work easier if you RENT a post hole digger [[ it is gas operated ]] and you can set your holes much quicker and easier ... they dig in the clay .... use the pre-mix Sac-krete and it will mix right in with the post in place .....

  4. Linda S

    You should check you local building codes.

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