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Why would a straight man date a woman who had a penis?

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  1. Andrew

    I am a trans ally... and I don't think that not dating a trans person makes you transphobic. The vitriolic answers to this question however implying that straight men must never date trans women or deserve to be shamed, or that trans women are mentally ill freaks ARE transphobic... but you having a personal preference is fine. You don't get to dictate to how trans women live their lives nor do you have the right to shame anyone who DOES wish to pursue a relationship with them... but if a trans person ever uses emotional blackmail to try and pity you into dating her I'd be on your side in that incredibly unlikely scenario. That is one way I completely disagree with Clones.

  2. Dark envy

    They know nobody likes them except for other trannies. Transgender people are gross freaks of nature. You can be a tomboy or tomgirl all you want, but if you try to change gender you've gone too far. It's unnatural and impractical.

  3. Anonymous

    I'm not transphobic or homophobic. But i only date real women and sorry if i hurt they're feelings,

  4. Ramsay

    They're desperate for a man so use emotional blackmail. They seem to think having an operation and taking fake hormones makes them women. Very demanding. That's why they get beat up.

  5. Jessica

    Why do transphobic trolls obsess about trans women so much?

  6. apame

    I think these answers, answer you question. straight men don't date trans and not the other way round.

  7. Anonymous

    Trannys are mentally ill and have no souls

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