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Im about to buy a trek 3700 disc but i find suspicious that on the front of the frame said ''MADE IN CHINA'', is an original trek bike?

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  1. Jib Jab

    If you want a Trek with a frame not made in China, you'll need to drop at least 10K on a carbon fiber frame & fork. Basically, they're all made in China today, regardless of company.

  2. John M

    Trek has been using frames made in China for a long time. The only frames made in the U.S. are some of the high end carbon ones.

  3. Old Hippie

    Try to find a bicycle - or at least the frame - NOT made in China today. Nearly impossible. China produces everything from really good frames to junk. Trek wouldn't have their frames made in China if they didn't trust the factory making them.

    I own bikes from THREE different companies; Raleigh, Masi & Giant. They ALL have a sticker saying, "Made in China".

  4. pmt853

    Probably. It just might be a knock off, but almost all frames are now made in China.

  5. bikeworks

    Yes, it is.

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