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The link to techsource's video:

the links im using are in the description, except for the ram strips*

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  1. Andy L
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    Techsource video was October 2015, and technology has advanced since then. Besides, it does not account for daily sale prices.
    It is not a great gaming PC as CPU is more expensive than GPU.
    No SSD, excludes the operating system, B85 motherboard is a poor match to unlocked clock CPU.
    If you haven't started buying parts, there are a lot better choices.
    The Source 210 does not have USB 3.0 in front, and is missing an intake fan.
    Carey Holzman is better
    and should use pcpartpicker to share a permalink list or a saved list.
    The source 210 supports ATX and uATX and so is not incompatible with the motherboard.
    Motherboard has the lowest quality audio sold on motherboards today, supports USB 3.0 in front where the case doesn't, single PCIex16, can't tell if one system fan header or two as called the second a power fan. Motherboard is now overpriced as looks like it is out of production.
    212 EVO is a tight fit in that computer case
    He even chose Seagate over WD!
    Ridiculous priced GTX 950
    Honestly is a bad set of parts to build today.
    Even staying as Amazon-only is bad.

    Tell me what you have already bought and will see if it can be improved.
    His $650 8 parts

    Better audio and ethernet, more and faster ram, SSD, double the graphics performance vastly improves most games, USB 3.0, 3 fans,

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