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you had a very bad migraine. He stayed up with you on the phone giving you advice until you felt good enough to fall asleep. His advice worked and you fell asleep

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  1. Anonymous

    If his advice worked then I would be super thankful. A boyfriend who tries you to help you through health issues and pain and things like that, is a keeper!

    My boyfriend used to help me with period cramps xD I got chronic pain for 4 days from period cramps and I was bedridden, even with painkillers. So he'd push on my stomach, to "push them out" sort of. I'd hear it make a noise like a bubbly pop noise and the pain would go away.

    Luckily I don't get those cramps anymore. But the fact, he did that for me, was really great :)

  2.  ????☥♡☮ 

      Problem, you can not talk away a migraine, and probably makes it worse cause of not getting rested right away,

    One is better to take a liquid Advil, take a shower and lay down in quiet space, a migraine is not your average headache, you want to figure out what you were just doing, lifting heavy objects, starring at the sun, listening to loud music, dehydration, too much sugar, any symptom for the causes of the problem,
    Meanwhile Tylonol us not the correct type of pain relief, aspirin is better, but too low dosage to resolve suffering with ryes syndrome kicking in, so these new Advil or no name jell tablets work, but only if you get time out and body rest, don't continue exertion on body,


  3. FarKenHall

    Your gf had a bad head ache anyone that actually gets a migraine will know you wont be able to handle hearing anyone talk especially through a phone. Sorry for not answering question but sick of so many people calling head aches migraines - they are different.

  4. candy

    I'd be one happy girlfriend

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