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When someone says "I have a proposition for you." Would a legitimate business response be "And I have an axiom." How does that make sense?

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  1. professor_petroglyph

    In a normal business context, it really wouldn't make much sense. As a general rule, business conversations are not Oxford philosophical colloquiums, they are composed of normal Johns and Joes shooting the proverbial, diurnal sheet.

    In normal conversation, a "proposition" is regarded as a simple statement, that may or may not carry that much truth value. In its original sense in English, it merely meant "the setting forth of a topic for further discussion."

    An axiom, on the other hand, has traditionally been held to have a more precise, technical meaning. "Axioms" are generally thought to be self-evident truths - in other words, truths that require no further analytical proof.

    "All men are mortal" for example, is thought to be an "axiomatic statement." The vast majority of interlocutors, other than the most obstinate, would find that statement non-controversial and accept it as a universal truth.

    Therefore, in the context of a normal business conversation, the party giving the response "I have an axiom" would generally be regarded as a pretentious jerk, with little or no understanding of the diachronic or synchronic principles of language, or the historic and contemporary meanings of either respective term.

    imho :)

  2. Weasel McWeasel

    meh.........I doubt many would get your little joke..........since the word would be PREPOSTION, NOT PROPOSITION, for your little witty joke to make sense

    They would probably just give you a dumb if to ask......"what is this guy's problem?"

  3. busterwasmycat

    no, it would be someone making a weak pun.

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