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I don't have money for a vet but I'm worried the gum might've been sugar free and contained xylitol. He is not showing any symptoms but it's only been five minutes.

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  1. nobby

    If you dont have money for a vet and its sugar free gum, he will die while you watch.

    Every dog owner should know how and when to make their dog vomit. If you have any washing soda (NOT caustic soda) feed him a couple of wet crystals to make him vomit.

    Then tomorrow, cancel the broadband and use the money to get him pet health insurance.

  2. Callie

    That is really gross! Why not supervise your dog better? He should be OK. To be safe keep an eye on him and if he acts strange take him to a vet. Far as money goes take out care credit.

  3. ?

    the sugar dissolves as you chew it. by the time gum is discarded or spit out, all the sugar or sugar substitute is gone.

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