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Me for 15 minutes straight over it. Like that's kinda dumb. And I went to mental health and they werent very helpful either and so I'm not quite fully understanding the situation right now because even to this day I feel like ive been given a dysfunctional card. With work, home, other circumstances.

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  1. Mabe
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    Over pancakes, I suppose. To each their own.

  2. Gummy  Roach

    I don't know your situation, I can only tell you how I would handle this. Probably your best defense when your step-dad yells at you is to let his words bounce off of you. When he starts in on one of this yelling matches, SMILE at him! This will drive him absolutely nuts, because that's probably not the reaction he was hoping to get from you. Talk softly. If he's really interested in what you have to say, he'll have to lower his voice in order to hear you. Let HIM do all the yelling. YOU, on the other hand, remain calm and collective. It shouldn't take long for others in the room to figure out who's in control and who's being a jerk.

    As for the mental health sessions, there are good counselors and there are bad ones.

    Hopefully you won't be living with your "dysfunctional" family forever. Start making plans for the day you will be able to get out of that environment.

  3. ChemoAngel

    Sounds like your step dad is pulling the strings on their life too.

  4. Anonymous

    There has to be a reason you are seeking Mental Health. Perhaps YOU are the problem, not your stepdad.

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