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Massive increase in median income (Source: ) massive increase in jobs, massive increase in insured people. Source: Massive increase in wages (Source:...

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  1. DT

    When Obama took office, it was $57,400. Now it is $56,516, according to your link....and that's not adjust for inflation. Why are we celebrating mediocrity?

    The Labor Force Participation rate is still very bad (as bad as it was in the 1970's). Again, how is that a good thing?

    Uninsured rate? It's mandated by the government now. How is it not 0% uninsured? Gulag's were mandated by the government, too. People don't celebrate gulags.

  2. Lucille

    The name Obama is used as a swear word by Americans of all races at this time. You'd think they would have gotten wind of all this prosperity by now, and broken themselves off a piece. But they can't, because it is a LIE.

  3. Disco Stu

    He became President just at the time America and the World were emerging from depression. LUCK.

  4. Anonymous

    Hillary = Obama ob la da life goes on bra
    La la how the status quo goes on
    Obama ob la da life goes on bra
    La la how the status quo goes on

  5. rob

    Well it needs to be pointed out that He managed to accomplish all this with ZERO help from the republiCONS!

  6. Anonymous

    That is PURE BULL.
    All government figures are MANIPULATED.

  7. Chupate esa!

    He kept fcking everyone to death...No other solution to any problem...

  8. Rebel Flag


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