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The identity only matters,remember?

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  1. bennett

    No just as it isn't transphobic to not date a trans person. It's interesting though. People will take a social issue and make it something that it's not and that everyone with common sense is against in an attempt to denounce it. And I bet on dumb posts like this stupid liberals try to defend it and conservatives flock to it's support. And the majority of us "The quiet moderates" just sit here with pop corn like yall are both so stupid. It's a shame moderates don't say more. Everyone has preferences doesn't mean the left needs to be offended or the right needs to be hateful towards those who are different.
    Robots can't have kids. They might not feel like a human either. There's no point in dating someone that can't have kids if your long term goal is to have kids or you aren't attracted to their unusually firm skeletal structure, the smell of motor oil, and such. And that doesn't give the robot the right to harass me or me to harass them for dating a human that does find them attractive.

  2. Censored For Your Pr

    Robots aren't human.

  3. Unapologetic Zionist

    Why would wouldn't you date a robot though? I would if it could imitate human emotion down to precise detail.

  4. often wrong

    Im robotphobic and proud.

    being a bigot is a good thing. Dont stop. Dont let the haters tell you standing up for what is right is wrong.

    Always stand up for whats right.

  5. Andrew

    No, but If it had human skin, looked, sounded and felt like a human male... I would still bang it tbh.

  6. Ms Clones


    A robot is not a human.


    People are fatphobic for not dating fat people.People are shortphobic for not dating short people.People are uglyphobic for not dating ugly people.

  8. Anonymous

    Exactly, this phobic **** makes no sense.Why are people obligated to be attracted to someone?

  9. Nitro

    Find me one.

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