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i'm visiting another city soon but i'm unable to make the last train to get home, so i have no other choice than to wait for the next train that is the next day. would it be possible that if there were any spare rooms in a hotel they would take pity on me and let me stay for free for one night? i have no...

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  1. Apollenaire
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    Stay in the train station but businesses don't tend to have pity on your decision making, if you can't afford it, you can't afford it.

  2. Edward

    No, hotels don't give away free rooms.

    No, hotels don't let random homeless people (which is how you will appear) sleep in their lobbies.

    No, McDonalds won't let you stay there all night without buying anything.

    They'll kick you out and phone the police, who may decide to take you into custody for your own protection.

    Stay at the station.

  3. sunshine_mel

    You'd need to go to the police station. Minors can't rent rooms in hotels, and no hotel is going to let you stay for free, irrelevant of your status.

  4. tatilendi

    Yea right, a hotel is going to give you a room for free. You are sleeping at the station.

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