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Okay, really embarrassing but I thought doing a bikini wax at home was a good idea, turns out it s really not, especially when it goes wrong like it did! I have pulled the skin off and now have an open cut. Worst part is, there is still wax on my skin where the cut is and I can t get off. How do I fix this? Thanks

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  1. Bronwen

    Try baby oil to remove the extra wax. You may need to use a lot of it--just rub gently at the wax and see if you can get little bits of it removed. It may take a while, but that's okay.

    For the raw spots, clean them really well, put a little antibacterial ointment on gauze, and put the gauze over the spots and use medical tape to hold it in place. You shouldn't actually need it, but it will help protect the area until it heals a bit. I know it's an awkward as hell place to try to bandage, but you want to keep it clean and dry if you can.

    Next time, please let a professional waxer do your bikini area. At home kits are notorious for not working well unless you have a lot of experience. I've had disastrous results on my arms, so I don't mess with that stuff anymore.

    Take care.

  2. Anonymous

    put peroxide on the cut and cover it with a band-aid

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