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We have so many questions like, "Why do feminists always have red chins." Is this not just believing anti-feminist propaganda from feminist-hate sites? Why do so few men in Gender Studies seem to even question this?

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  1. .Jerry.

    "Why do men seem to believe propaganda against women so easily?"
    <..provided example> "Why do feminists always have red chins."

    That is supposed to be "propaganda about women"? It's not. It is a ridiculous assertion against FEMINISTS (not women) first of all. But it is so NOT based in any reality that it's the kind of question I don't eve entertain at all.

    It's a joke. Not "anti-feminist" propaganda. .... whatever that might be.

  2. Kevin

    Reverse the genders here....anti male propaganda has been rife , especially in the last 2 decades & really accelerated since the 2000's, the " media " always portrays men in a negative light , whereas women can do no wrong , even my daughter noticed this when she was 8 !! We do not watch TV in my household , as it's divide & conquer , fear-mongering BS !!

  3. STEVE

    The same way feminists claim that 97 out of 100 rapists are never apprehended.

    BTW, there is a similar statistic involving 97% which is in fact based on fact. In about one third of custody disputes, the woman alleges her husband raped his own children or physically abused them. Such a serious accusation sets off an automatic Child Protective Services investigation. In 97% of the cases, the acusation is found to be without merit. But then women "never lie" about rape, incest, pedophilia, domestic violence or anything else of consequence, right? They're also protected against prosecution for perjury and civil action for libel. How convenient for them.

  4. chickenwing

    I do agree. The propaganda of putting all me in internment camps and teaching all men to rape to the existence of rape culture and that feminist believe men hate all women is paranoid. And silly

  5. nineteenthly

    I think it's more that they want to have a go at women generally, not that they honestly believe it.

  6. True Blue Brit

    I must admit I categorize it with the fools who say things like "#killallmen#. I pay no attention to it. Other than a ?Whaaaat??

  7. Hotblack

    What you're referring to was a joke. .a crude one, but a joke, nonetheless

  8. Forked Tongue

    Because we have...you.

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