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I have a Honda Accord 2005 coupe v6 and my Catalytic converter "broke" should I get a new one or straight pipe? Pros and cons?

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  1. John Davis

    Many areas in America require that the vehicle pass an emissions test for annual inspection. If the check engine light is active on a OBD-II vehicle (such as the 2005 Honda) it is an automatic fail.

    Where I am, an annual inspection is required, but not the emissions test. There have been a few persons over the years who have been ticketed for deleting the catalytic converter, but to the best of my knowledge, each person was initially pulled over for another reasons in which the officer later gave the exhaust system a quick glance. Primary reason, deleting the muffler, which gave the officer reason to look at the exhaust before citing for excessive noise.

    I've seen some guys who, if the converter fails in a way that the internal subtract prevents exhaust flow, they just take a rod and punch thru the internal "honeycomb" to remove the clog, and reinstall the converter. Easier if the converter is a bolt on or clamp on instead of a weld on. But keep in mind, no emissions testing where I am.

    If you absolutely must replace the converter, I would recommend replacing with an OEM type converter. While expensive, it make emissions testing easier to pass as it contains more than standard catalyst. If there are no emissions testing where you are and you don't mind staring at a check engine light, why no use a cheap generic converter? While they contain bare minimal catalyst, and will likely not turn out the check engine light (which of course causes emissions test fail), they are cheap, and the car will at least look legitiment from underneath.

    If you straight pipe it, and later sell the vehicle, even if you live in a non-emissions test area, if the guy buying the car does, and has the car inspected, they may wonder why this just recently purchased used car has a cat-delete. My opinion, no need to draw unwanted attention, especially if it can be avoided with a few bucks. I once again express my opinion to at least install the cheapest catalytic converter so that the car at least looks legitimate.

  2. thebax2006

    You really have no choice. It's illegal to remove the converter and you'll never pass an emission test. Straight pipes sound like crap and you lose back pressure and low end torque so the vehicle is slow off the line. Get the converter from advance Auto. The "Walker" brand is your best bet that it keeps more codes from setting.

  3. Ron

    Without a catalytic converter, the CEL will be on, constantly. Emissions test in your area? Won't pass.

  4. Steve S

    big fines in most places if you get caught removing the cat.

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