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Here is large picture that may help. I apologize.

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  1.  ????☥♡☮ 

      There is a Mazda wagon in front, of image, it's plate seems to say something like [ A TERRY ] , but that is guesstimate for now, anyways we do not understand the circumstances, as to why this vehicle would be bold enough to be visible if part of scam, if image was from security video cam, the other frames added to stack and create composite could be done.

    [ A 7DRRY ]

    [ A 70PRY ]

    now that A looks like wheelchair handicap symbol ♿️ emoji 〥, ;♿
    [ Disabled 7DPRY ]
    Anyways jetty ing, there may be someone with time and software, and if able, give to police with info anyways, as they have access to plate and vehicle ownership data,

    Note, your desktop already say/has Smart Deblur tool,
    Keep trying that, even tilt image 90 degrees so aspects are changed,

    Focus Majic


  2. qrk

    You're posting a 640x359 pixel image! No way to make sense of that blur.
    Since that is a computer screen grab, you should be able to post the full 1920x1080 pixel image.

    Oops, didn't see the new link. Still too low of a quality to make sense of the plate.

  3. Kalico

    The vehicle on the right bottom of the image? The tag looks like "A 739971" to me.

  4. john

    Its still very hard to see when i zoom it, but it looks something like 4720VI i could be wrong though, you could also try giving the blurred photo to the police and seeing if they can do something about it.

  5. lilkey

    I aint snitchin

  6. Bernd

    Which car.

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