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So like wild cats, wolves, wolverines, bears, and the likes of them...

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  1. yolaincognan

    In the broadest sense, they already have done so. Cooperation and technology have enabled humans to go anywhere on the earth and accordingly to kill anyone, or anything. This is essentially not good for all other life on the planet, or for ourselves.

    I think the gist of your question was some type of contrived boxing match, much like a gladiatorial combat game. We should not dwell too long in such fantasy, and instead, strive to understand reality. Mostly dogs enabled humans to hunt all animals. But humans are not hunters, they are primates. Biologically, they are not equipped for this. Essentially, the human child takes about a one half to one fourth of their life maturing. A lion dies in less than that time in the wild. A human isn't even mature in that much time. I'm sure we all understand the implications of this.

  2. ray

    Odds are probably not. Unless they had dome sort of weapon. Just with hands I don't think so cuz most wild animals are much quicker than humans. Even the best quickest biggest fighters in the world.

  3. Them

    A chimp can easily rip off your arm........ Humans aren't so tough without weapons.

  4. Sciman2k

    Well, Tarzan always managed to come out on top.

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