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I have two offers, I'm 24 years of age and have just finished my Masters in a Financial-Related subject. Offer 1: A graduate scheme in PwC (Financial Services) which offers a fairly low salary at the minute - but offers the chance of progression, and job security to switch between other firms. Offer 2: A...

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  1. anonimitie

    More money now. Stupid recruiters will use your salary now as an indicator of what your worth as opposed to the correct measurement: what's the work worth.

    Especailly as young as yo are, you want more money now so the annual 2 - 3% raises compound to more.

  2. Cei

    If you want to work 80 hours a week and can only get on by stabbing your colleagues in the back - go work for PwC

  3. Jeff

    I have to agree with the other responses - take the higher salary, especially if you have any student loans to repay.

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