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okay so given the chemicals
-Lead Nitrate
-Hydrochloric acid
-Sodium Hydroxide
-Sodium Carbonate
all unlabeled. how to determine which ones which?

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  1. Roger the Mole

    It depends a little on experience, but you ought to be able to recognize cyclohexane, hydrochloric acid, and butanol by their odors. (It might also help to know that butanol and cyclohexane are flammable. None of the others are.)
    Take the hydrochloric acid and add a little of it to the solutions that have no odor. The one that fizzes is sodium carbonate. The one that forms a white precipitate is lead nitrate. The one that gets warm but doesn't change appearance is sodium hydroxide.

    If you're brave you can also identify the sodium hydroxide by touch -- it will feel slick, like soapy water. (But you shouldn't touch lead nitrate, so don't try it unless you already know where the lead nitrate is.) The slickness is caused by the sodium hydroxide dissolving your skin. If you perform any touch test like this, be sure to wash your hands very well afterwards.

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