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______________________ Plumber wanted. 4 hours. Tell me price you will work for, PER Hour? Job is still available. Fast working but Quality Plumber wanted for 2 or 4 hours in XYZ area. You must be licensed and insured. You must guarantee your work. You name the price, per hour, that you will work for. Name...

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  1. Ann

    For one thing Plumbers advertise for customers, usually not the other way around, and they will do a job on their terms, You may think the job should take 2-4 hours and a professional would know that things don't always work out like that, No one wants to contract this with you and end up having the job go over and you be upset, If you have a plumbing job to be done, call one or two and get an estimate.

  2. Karen L

    You don't generally find licensed and insured plumbers checking the classifieds for work. They work for a company or they work for themselves. They put their phone number or an ad in the yellow pages and the customers call them.

  3. Literal

    In the ad just ask for a plumber and tell him the job e.g. install dishwasher or replace toilet. when someone calls talk to him about your requirements. Your ad says you are too picky to work for.

  4. John

    Dude there are thousands plumber companies and license plumbers ,you just need to call them and get estimate ,no one gives the damn to your ad wanted for plumber .

  5. Barnes

    Plumbers don't need to respond to your ad as customers approach them directly and ask for estimates/quotations.

  6. Anonymous

    Idiotic question. Stick to trying to find escorts on Craig's List. That's more in your intelligence sphere.

  7. Carlos K

    Size of the job omitted. Is this a leaky faucet, water heater replacement, plumbing a new kitchen?

  8. bryan

    Licensed plumbers do not need to search ads for work.

  9. Sara

    go to HOMEDEPOT and tell someone there that you'd like a plumber or a handyman that knows plumbing - they will put it into their system and they (the plumber or handyman) will call you. Everyone that they refer is vetted.

  10. Him

    Apparently you have no clue as to how contractors work. They will tell you how long a job will take and how much it will cost.

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