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I'm 15. I have always felt like an alien because I can't relate to people and don't understand why we do certain things like how do people know when to do simple things like patting a friend's shoulder or know when do they say take care. I have tried to copy other people's behavior and how they...

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  1. liana

    You're probably a naturally intorverted person, which is fine.

    A lot of people are in your same situation and feel alienated.

    Research introversion vs extroversion.. two different personalitys which are both very normal, dispite what society believes.

  2. OwlBear

    It sounds like Asperger's. Take online tests from reputable sites for Aspergers. There are a lot of articles about it online. If you have it, you're different, but it has some distinct advantages too.

  3. Re Vera

    Get professional help. If you don't have the emotional connections that other people have, that's usually an indication of some kind of disorder like autism spectrum.

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