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Its been a while since I have been there but when I used to visit I just remember every car service other than a cab used black or silver Lincoln Continental's. But a couple of years ago Lincoln discontinued the Continental model, thus I wonder what replaced it.

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  1. LJ

    I, too, remember when certain cars were used by cabs, certain others by car services, and certain others by cops.

    These days there's MUCH more variation, particularly for car services.

    Some kinds of mini-vans and smaller SUV type cars are recently popular for all kinds of livery cars. But almost anything could be a car service these days.

    Even cop cars are more variable today. Yesterday I saw an NYPD car that was a Smartcar!!! (It was SO cute!)

  2. K2010

    many still using Lincoln which I prefer, as they more durable and less shaky when driven NY streets which aren't nice (road condition is terrible in Brooklyn, for instance and on Belt)

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