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Central African Congos are the only blacks, everyone else in the world is white.

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  1. Anonymous

    That's not what white supremacists think.People on stormfront only call Europeans white, Europeans such as Germans, Italians, Swedish, Spaniards, Greeks, French,Finnish, Albanians, etc etc etc.

    Non-Jewish people of wholly European descent are only white.Point is If you are not European, then you are not one of us.

    But I have heard black supremacists say stupid stuff.They think that everyone is black lmao.They call whites, Filipinos, native Americans, aborigines and indians... black.

  2. Qwerty™

    White supremacists lack brains, so they are incapable of civilized thought.

  3. The Sagittarian IIye

    There are two types of supremacists.

    #1 is the kind that thinks only Northern and Northwestern Europeans are white. They detest that Southern Europeans are mongrels mixed with Berbers and Arabs and East Europeans are mixed with Mongolians.

    #2 is the kind you listed. The kind that thinks only coal black dark skinned blacks with 4c hair and wide nostrils are black. They believe West, South, and East Africa aren't black and everyone outside of Africa isn't black.

  4. Queenstar

    But I'm from Ghana and Ghanaians are black too are they not?

  5. Anonymous

    No. Nobody thinks that.

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