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@Alternate current:How can you judge me just by what I have asked??I am an Aquarius and it takes me time to get into an argument mode,but what to do for people around you who feed their ego by making someone loose in an argument??I'm already sick with loosing!!

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  1. Alternating Current

    I don't waste my time getting into arguments and have never been tempted But I have seen exploding heads though,so I know of what you ask. If someone in my environment likes to argue ..I nip it in the bud..they are history and appear sickeningly petty to me. I have no tolerance for that. I'm going to do what I think is right anyway,and have my own mind with zero interest in trying to change,covert others to my way.

    Now compromise does not stem from arguments. People who argue will not hear the is all ego . Compromise on the other hand can easily be attained between skilled individuals who respect one another's opinion.. but, you did not ask that. Seems like arguing is important to you

  2. Anonymous

    I don't know if you mean someone who's bad at arguing or someone who likes to argue. I find Libra and Aquarius annoying as s hit. They will argue a point to death just to annoy you. For instance, my mother had this Libra friend that would ask you your opinion, and when you gave it, she would try to convince you how wrong you were. Aquarians have ideas that they will try to cram down your throat while all the while you're thinking how wrong they are.

  3. Anonymous

    Libras are sociopaths. They are very unpeaceful attention seekers who never shut up

  4. pmt853

    OK, I won't answer. This is me not answering.

  5. En


  6. Anonymous

    Cancer. Idiots are lunatics.

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