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Maggie it was 7-1 , trust me on that

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  1. Tatty
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    It's not been amongst the elite since the 1960's and even then, genuine success was few and far between. Yes there have been the odd success stories since but generally, we've been in decline for decades.

    Look at the 1990's when admittedly Rangers had a very good squad on paper, better than anything nowadays, that was sweeping all aside domestically. Guys like Laudrup, Gascoigne, Boli & Hateley in the side but they were still getting nowhere in Europe and suffering heavy defeats to the likes of Juventus & Ajax or getting put out from supposedly lesser sides.

    You can blame a lot of things for our decline, from a lack of contemporary thinking/coaching/governing, to the influx of teams from deunified countries, to the lack of interest and investment, to the structured ways UEFA has given the rich and powerful nations the ability to stay ahead and further distance themselves from the rest, to it being a money game now.

  2. Maggie™

    Celtic lost 7-0 against Barcelona on Tuesday night.

    It's going to get worse if Stewart Regan stays around. He voted for someone who isn't opposed to Scottish teams losing out on Champions League places, which means less money for Scottish football. We're not exactly getting a fair share as it is.

  3. Ryan

    It was 7-0

  4. Der Fussball Fuehrer

    It begins with youth training and development programs. There needs to be national FA mindset change how football is promoted and executed across Scotland. Better coaching schools and training methods.

  5. Anonymous

    You anon trolls are just as bad as the Wee Men, ya tit.

  6. Anonymous


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