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How many of them will contemplate committing suicide for being called nasty names like the "B" word, And what about the poor children of famous Politicians who support "Traditional Marriage" In Ireland the children of politicians who supported "Traditional Marriage" were called the...

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  1. Aran

    The plebiscite will succeed. Basically Western civilization has reached its terminus. It's had a good 400 years. Now it's just too decadent and its society is collapsing from within. It's abolished all religion, traditional morality, heritage, civic education, and foundational social institutions. Its youth really have nothing to stand on anymore. As a civilization the West has nowhere to go but down from here. It's killed the hen that laid the golden eggs. The only reason it's even surviving now is that it's courting the best minds of other countries through immigration. This won't be sustainable forever, as poor countries have rapidly growing economies and will one day be able to offer most of their people a life they wouldn't want to run away from.

    The Sexual Revolution, the gay rights movement, the LGBT movement, radical feminism, anti-theism... Each felt like it was the right thing at the time, but each was really a blow to traditional society, the meat and potatoes of historical existence.

  2. Sheila

    I am not in the least concerned for their mental health, as under the LNP government mental health funding has been cut so they will not be an added impost. There aren't that many of them out there (less than 30% approx) either.

  3. This Was Never My Wo

    I'm not calling the people opposed to gay marriage mentally ill. You can't expect to win them over if you're going to belittle them.

  4. Isaac Hunt

    PC stooges are trying to brainwash children into believing that homosexuality is normal and should be celebrated. All this was to be done with taxpayer monies.

  5. AnonymousPeasant

    ... is Abbbott so ashamed of his daughter being gay that he plays the macho card to instil in his family of who wears the pants ? ... and do you wonder which side gave her the extra genes ? ... going on hiis attitudes towards the people of Australia it certainly appears that there is a problem inside his wobbly head ... nod .. nod ... nodding ..

  6. Enders Army

    Their hysteria is alraady at fever pitch

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