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Feminists just pisses me off so often. I was on the youtube comment section talking about boobs with some other guys and there's a feminist talking nonsense and bitching at us. I don't mind if people fight for their rights or anything. Feminist suppose to fight for equality right? Now days I'm just...

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  1. Mabe

    This is a debatable subject when it comes to the outrageous, but not so much when rights are violated, as they are with men, at times. No one wants to be considered a second class citizen.

    I think equal authority in the home and office isn't the way it should be, by representation of it at the house and office, yet their are couples that do share this responsibility and decision making, also working it this way, with good results, when it comes to owning their own home, and business, and sharing the profit equally with one another. The First Lady position really doesn't give her the same power in the office that he has, and yet it appears they are equal on it in the home. It seems this should be shared between the two equally..and, it might stop the battle between the genders over it. It just seems to make sense, rather than cents about the whole thing.

  2. Daniel

    Not from a civil liberties standpoint. It may be necessary from a social standpoint though. I seem to be one of the few non feminists that doesn't find the ideology totally obnoxious .

  3. ChemFlunky

    Less necessary than it was 50, or even 20, years ago, but yes.

    And, well, some feminist will get worked up over fairly minor things, or otherwise overreact. It happens.

  4. Chris

    No. Not unless their trying to reverse all the good 1st and 2nd wave feminist have accomplished. In that case, their not really feminist, but feminazis.

  5. Anonymous

    Yes it's necessary. No other movement would fight so hard for women to be advantaged.

  6. Anonymous

    The pendulum has swung too far. Equality was the ultimate goal of feminism and now that that has been achieved feminism continues to persist in order to elevate and privilege women.

  7. ?

    Women's rights should not be handled by feminists.

  8. fake

    there's equality, and theres alpha-females, if someone tells you a guy can't be a feminist, it means they are not, in fact, a feminist themselves,

  9. Jessica

    As long as fools like you think it isn't, it will remain necessary.

  10. Russ in NOVA

    Now now. You are just ranting. Get a hold of yourself and stop feeling inferior.

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