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I got a job offer from one of the walmart store. I applies for cashier position, they gave sales associate position. the place is like 35 minutes far by bus. The orientation is day after tomorrow where the formal papers will be signed by all. Meanwhile I got another interview call from another walmart store which...

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  1. Eddy

    Don't worry about the job that is 35 minutes away by bus. If you want the job that is close to your home....apply for it immediately.

    You live across the street??? They WANT employees who live close to the store. The want you to show up for work and anybody who lives across the street is SURE to show up for work. All of this is in your favor.

    Apply for the job and go in there and tell them how you live across the street and there is absolutely NO REASON for you to ever be late for work,.

    They will love this.

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