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What principles did he lay out and write about to achieve such an entitlement?

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  1. Tim D

    Prior to Machiavelli, writers tended to describe politics as it "should be." The classic example of this was Plato's Republic. In contrast, Machiavelli wrote about politics not as it "should be" but how it actually IS. By basing politics on actual observation, and citing examples to back up his assertions, he made it scientific.

  2. Julien

    That s the first time I hear that and it sounds totally unjustified to me. Machiavelli can be considered as a politician for sure, but not a political scientist. I don t see anything scientific in his method. What he proposes is just a bunch of tricks for rulers (where the role of the population is quite important), it s not the analysis of a society.

  3. LarsEighner

    He wrote "The Prince." This was a very ironic book. Literally it is a very cynical how-to guide to governing, but it is really a satire that points out the bad way in which rulers govern.

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