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Why does everyone line up to see the new iPhone every year?

9 months ago 8


  1. Kenny - Kidnapped By

    Because it's slightly different to the last one and therefore in their opinion totally worth the extremely high price. For social points more than anything else, I can pretty much guarantee that everyone standing in that line intends on bragging to anyone and everyone about their super cool new iPhone and they will say iPhone, they wont just say phone oh no when you've got an iPhone you want people to KNOW it's an iPhone.

  2. human animal

    not every one does I've never own owned an iphone and I'm not going to


    Their old ones are worn out.

  4. Mystery Island

    They want to be in the in crowd.

  5. Pearl L

    cause they want a new one

  6. Mike M 7

    they think it will be a lot different

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