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Does technology make people not care about one another?

10 months ago 5


  1. Qwerty™

    No. That's a natural human trait. Technology just makes it easier not to care.

  2. Mark

    In a way, yes. I'm all for technology. (Used correctly, it's a good thing.) But so many people think of whomever they're talking to electronically (not even via telephone, but by texting, e-mailing, or posting on social media) "doesn't really exist" in any meaningful way, sort of the way people used to think of horrid things that happened on the other side of the planet "didn't happen to anyone they knew personally" (so it "didn't matter"). It's still a bit of hyperbole, but not as much as people would like to think - people at the same table texting each other, rather than talking directly to them.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, because you're at risk of interpreting things wrong and less emotional expression. For example if a friend texts you that her uncle died, you would say send a polite response and not think much after it. However, if she came directly to your place deeply upset, you would automatically as a human being sync in emotionally with that person.

  4. C


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