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Im male 23 years old male .Can i get temporary diabetics for example 1 week by side effect of medicine or .....?

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  1. micksmixxx

    You CAN get temporary hyperglycemia (higher than 'normal' blood sugar levels) due to the side-effects of various types of medication(s), my friend, but a doctor would PROBABLY not diagnose you as diabetic as diabetes is increased blood sugar levels for a longer period of time.

    If it's a course of medication(s), such as steroids, the hyperglycemia would NORMALLY disappear again once the course of tablets has been completed.

  2. Jackie m

    No you cant, once we get it we have it for life unless you are female and pregnant then there is gestational diabetes but obviously you are not female or pregnant so nothing you can do to get temp diabetes

  3. Anonymous

    Eat ten chocs per day

  4. coraann

    There is no such thing.

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