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The name is of Ghanaian origin

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  1. Enriculuz
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    it means "queen very famous, what do you want more?"

  2. Doubting Like Thomas

    There are websites which explain babies' names.

    Those of us who are not cognizant of the Ghanian culture might give wrong information, simply by accident, no malice intended.

    For example:
    I could simply declare that it is the feminine of the popular name "Kingstar", without actually knowing IF Kingstar is a popular name.

    And how would you KNOW that I'm handing you a LOAD of 5HIT?

    But, if you're having a baby, no matter WHAT you name it, prepare for about two YEARS' worth of loads!

  3. Meerkat Uno

    Since this is your name and you have asked this multiple times I think you already know.

  4. layla

    it's not a name you absolute buffoon

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