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When I saw my friend I got so scared! She seems Paris Jackson! Do you think she is gay? She usually says she loves me but I take it as a sister love. I am only child and I love her as a sister I never had. I am Christian and it is better end this friendship.

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  1. Non-Believers Are De

    I noticed something about homosexuals whether they are two men or two women one of them is always masculine and the other is always feminine. Ironically they say their attracted to the same gender but they desire the traits of the opposite gender. With Lesbian couples there is always a butch and a lipstick.

    Confused they are.

  2. Officer Fluttershy

    Probably not, but I do think masculine chicks like that are attractive as fuuuuuuuuuck

  3. Walter Paisley

    If you are a Christian than don't judge people. Love them.

  4. Frostfire

    No, choice of hair style,has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

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