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suppose both the boy and girl are manliks.their horoscopes also match well (23.5 out of 36 gunas).only the bhakoot gunas don't match.they score 0 out of 7 here

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  1. Lord Bearclaw of Gry

    The Zodiac "signs" mean nothing. "Astrology" is one of the so-called "mysteries" with roots in the ancient world. It is actually just a means of thought control, by teaching people to think of themselves in arbitrary definitions and behavioral expectations. The time of your birth means nothing. Stars, planets, moons, etc. millions upon millions of miles away have zero - ZERO - objective influence on your life, your choices, your destiny. Remember that at one time it was humans who made all these "signs" up and decided when they would be placed on the calendar, and what they would "mean", etc. etc. etc. - meaning they invented it all, no starcharts, no divine communication, no astral knowledge, nothing. Just imagination. "Astrology" is as much a real science as alchemy or divination, which is to say it's not real at all, except in the sense that people who believe in it allow it to rule their lives. Same old thought control.

  2. PhotonX

    Is the real problem in your part of the world really too few superstitious children?

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