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Because i recently had one. It lasted 1 hour and ive went to ER but as soon as i got there i was fine. I quited smoking cigarettes 1 and a half month ago. It feels great. And i take about 600mg of caffeine to wake me up. And at night i drink a little of alcohol to make me fall asleep faster because i cant fall...

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  1. Them
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    These aren't much fun, are they? The good news is that they're harmless - but they sure burn up a lot of energy.

    Congrats on giving up the cigs.

    Anxiety-Panic attacks are based on an unconscious conflict which you have - we all have these. And for you, perhaps, the cigarettes helped stave off the conflict. You give up the cigs, and it leaves you vulnerable.

    Of course the real thing to do is talk to somebody trained in psychology and see if you can track down that unconscious conflict (it's mostly anger left over from childhood). If you can get a grip on it, you won't need the panic anymore.

  2. Barb M

    It may be a one time deal. It may be because your way of dealing with anxiety was to smoke. It may be that all of the above added to the anxiety, especially the caffeine consumption. Any addition or subtraction in our lives can cause anxiety and stress.

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