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Rex the Wonder Dog was full of bluster after being hired by the Buffalo Bills last year but despite his promises of great things, the Bills had to win their final 2 games of the season to finish at .500. Last week Buffalo totalled 160 yards of offense in a loss to Baltimore and they trail the Jets by 10 at halftime...

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  1. Professional Liar
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    I'd say 8 losses unless that's still good enough to get them into the playoffs.

  2. terry v

    He probably won't get fired until the end of the year regardless of how many losses.Owners still have to pay out contracts and don't like paying for people to sit at home

  3. conley39

    Probably a losing record would do it, but this game's turned around right now. Having his brother as the defensive coordinator is likely too be the kiss of death though.

  4. Storage box #9

    Not sure when he gets fired but he deffenatqy will if things don't improve.

  5. BlueChief

    if they lose the next 4 in a row someone is gone.

  6. TS

    If he doesnt make the playoffs.

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