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Does Divorce Make People Happy?" represents the first serious effort to investigate this assumption empirically. The finding? Unhappily married adults who divorced or separated were no happier, on average, than unhappily married adults who stayed married. Even unhappy spouses who had divorced and remarried...

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  1. .

    "Divorce and Remarriage, do you know the FACTS ?" - Yes, I know the facts about MINE. Other people's experiences will vary.

    "Does Divorce Make People Happy?" - People choose to be happy. Divorce doesn't 'make' people feel anything, but some people will be happier after a divorce or when they know that's what will happen, because they were not happy in their marriage. Divorce itself is not typically a happy event.

    So, what's YOUR question other than copy/pasting text from an article you plagiarized (since you didn't provide a source).. Questions on this site are supposed to be information/knowledge seeking, not rhetorical.

  2. What You Talkin&

    First: If this was truly an empirical, valid research study why do you provide no links so everyone can decide for themselves if your summary is an accurate reflection of the research findings?

    Second: I don't believe your assertion of the finding is true. I do not believe that ALL people who were in a bad marriage were still unhappy after divorce. However, I do believe that there are a lot of chronically unhappy people out there, and changing marital status does not affect their overall happiness. The research may have simply validated that. But the way you summarize it is misleading at best.

  3. Ann Gray

    I am happily divorced after 35 years with a controlling emotionally abusive husband, People often remark how happy I look and I sure do feel it. After 7 years I have healed, I have a great man in my live that I love and I love spending time with and doing things for. I have never been happier.
    anybody who says money can't buy happiness never paid for a divorce !!!

  4. Bentley

    People that never marry can be happy or not. People that stay married can be happy or not. People who divorce can be happy or not. Depends more on the attitude and mind-set of the individual than whether one is married or divorced.

  5. Jay

    I guess I am an exception to the rule. I am divorced and remarried and I have to pinch myself every day to make sure I'm not dreaming

  6. No Mercy

    my divorce made ME happy. and following remarriage made me even happier. i don't give a fck about your facts

  7. Rowan

    Yeah, what feminism did is give women unrealistic expectations, that could never get met, and so they either don't marry until it's too late, or marry a whole range of guys who they think aren't good enough, simply because they are, guys. We evolved, and are still animals after all.

  8. Grandpa

    My wife and I were both previously married to people who were abusive and unfaithful. We were both custodial parents. We have been married for almost 30 years and we are having a wonderful time. both of our exes have had romances, but not remarried and neither has changed, they are simply grumpy and alone as they age.

  9. █ VULDAM █

    divorce make one happy. no a person makes them happy one can be happy in the hardest of times and some can be happy in the greatest of time.
    thats a personal choice each one of us have to make for ourselves!

  10. swbarnes2

    The idea that women who are beating to a bloody pump by their husbands are not happier separated is so obviously absurd, I think you have to hate women and want them to be beaten to even suggest it.

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