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I should add I am not mad or anything, just sad

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  1. Librareian
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    No one is 'entitled' to a a wedding invitation. In these days of over-the-top, budget-busting wedding receptions, a couple often has to pick and choose their guest list carefully in order to stay within their budget. If you weren't asked, it's because they had to fit in people they felt closer to, and not invite others, in order to keep costs manageable.

    Be thankful you don't have to spend money on a gift, transportation, etc. Spend the weekend doing something you love, for yourself.

  2. Mamawisdom

    Get some counseling. Seriously. You are a grown woman who has not been invited to an event that will cost you money by a person who you clearly don't care that much about. Why so hurt? If you wanted a relationship with this cousin, you should have invested in it. You did not. Make friends with someone else and go live your life. Do you still live at home? If not, then why would what your parents or brother do on the weekend even matter to you?

  3. mJc

    What do you do? REJOICE that you don't have to spend a moment of time with a family member who so rudely left you off the invitation list! it is RIDICULOUS that he would invite your brother and your parents and then exclude you. Stop hurting and say pfffft on him. If I was your brother/parents there is no way I would have attended this wedding. Shame on them! No Christmas gifts for them this year!! Pick a place you've always wanted to travel to and make plans the weekend the marriage is taking place. It doesn't have to be expensive or far away - but go some place where you can enjoy a fruity drink with an umbrella decoration on the side.

  4. Anonymous

    I have to agree that inviting your brother and parents but not you does seem rude. But you did say that you are 31 years old and not particularly close to this cousin. Weddings can be expensive and it's not uncommon to leave off relatives that are not particularly close, even when you're inviting members of their immediate family. I truly feel for you, but it is what it is. Can you find something 'fun' to keep you busy that day? Maybe hang out with a good friend of yours, not to wallow in misery, but to do something fun and positive, like shoping or a movie or salon or some other sort of 'girls day out'?

  5. crazygal23891

    You are not privileged to be invited to a wedding just because your family. If you wanted to be at your family wedding you should have made a effort to make them more a part of your life. There is no use of being sad because your not invited. I had m as many family members I didn't invite to my wedding simply because we're not close. I wedding close friends and family only. Anyone else was not there.

  6. Anonymous

    This is part of growing up, and realizing that you recede from other peoples radar when you don't keep in touch. You probably would have been invited had they planned a 250 person wedding list, but they did not. You'd be surprised at how fast that list grows. Send them a card anyway- it's a nice thing to do. Even your parents aren't required to send a gift.

  7. Liz

    If not being invited to the wedding of someone you're not particularly close to causes you "pain", you should get some help with your mental health issues.

  8. ρερρεяЬεαѕτ

    What "pain"? You weren't invited to a wedding by someone you aren't close to. Most people can't invite everyone they're related to to a wedding. This is *normal*.

  9. Mizz-Delagee

    how can she invite them and not you? the whole family should've gotten invited.

    let someone ask her to see if she ddnt invite u on purpose or if she just forgot ur name on the invitation.

    its totally understandable that u feel hurt. when u find out that she done it on purpose, don't feel hurt, be strong and move on, shes probably a fake cousin. :)

  10. Candle

    You're in pain because you weren’t invited to a party??

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