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If america's sep 11 never occurred, would we still fear the muslims like a majority of us fear them now?

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  1. Passing Through

    If the USA had experienced war and terrorism on its doorstep the way Europe has, you would not live in fear of Muslims or terrorists. You would have grown a backbone.

    I was not born until after WWII but I was raised in that atmosphere of inner strength and determination that our parents and grandparents had developed. I lived and worked in London in the 1970s when well-meaning people in the USA were funding IRA terrorists to plant bombs in railway stations and on busy streets where innocent people go about their lawful lives. We did not let terrorists rule our lives then and we won't now.
    I know it is new experience for the USA but you really do have to grow a pair. That does not mean you have to talk big and make threats. In means developing strength of mind. It takes time. Meanwhile, stirring up the risk by making threats or getting gung-ho with those seen as your enemies is probably counter productive.

  2. rick29148

    Look around.. There have been constant & endless assaults thru out the world by Muslim's, showing their disregard for all non-Muslim lives... And, I don't fear them ......

  3. Anonymous

    no I think not

  4. Anonymous

    Yeah because muslims are raping and killing white people all over Europe.

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