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I do a yardsale every weekend, thousands of items. I always have people filling their hands with items and complaining that I don't have anything for them to carry them in. So I invested the money into a set of shipping baskets (over $100) yet no one is using them. I have them displayed at the front of my...

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  1. Equality 7-2521

    I don't know why you want to force them to use them. It is good that you have provided them, and point them out to people who might need them and may not have noticed they were there. But that is about as far as you can (and should) go.

    If you really want to force them to be used, simply have a sign at your register area indicating that no sales will be made to those not carrying their selections in a basket. That'll show 'em!! Of course, your sales will plummet.

  2. Dereck

    Shopping basket, not shipping. Sorry.

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