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Why is the black community in the US still so religious compared to other groups?

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  1. Olaf

    I can't speak for the US, but the biggest religion in Africa (so mainly black ethnicity) is Islam followed closely by christianity. And Islam is a very strict religion- praying 5 times a door at the Mosque, giving to charity, fasting from sunrise to sunset in Ramadan.

  2. David Letterperson

    Do you want the sugarcoated answer or the real answer?

    The real answer is that there is a correlation between levels of intelligence/education and levels of religiosity.

    The less educated a group is, the more religious it tends to be.

    On average, blacks have an IQ 20 points lower than ethnic Jews, non Jewish whites, and Asians.

    The black high school graduation rate is also below the national average.

  3. 林

    Religion often serve as a way to tie the community together and strengthen bond.

  4. greg

    Because if any one has a chance at being Semitic and Chosen it would be them .
    Jesus was their Bro . He never got paint 1988 years ago and when he did white Europeans made him a Hippie .

  5. dead fundie

    It is socially acceptable to talk about the disparity in the IQ scores of atheists and Christians...

  6. Pi

    Tradition genetically transmitted which had their origins from ancient tribal animism and power politics.

  7. Spirit of All

    Imperfection and tradition

  8. Taylor

    Only one answer, they see the light because they have been so subjugated.

  9. Luna

    Black Jesus?

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