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What is the definition of insanity?

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  1. nineteenthly

    Classically, it's a mental condition where thought and emotions are so severely impaired that there is no contact with reality. That's a medical definition of course, and there's also a legal definition, and there's also controversy about the general idea of how to approach abnormal behaviour, e.g. humanistically and spiritually. There is usually a lack of insight. Interestingly, there can also be strengthened and accurate intuition into reality.

  2. Patrisha M

    Psychopathy or a mental illness so severe that it can't be properly cured. You can only hope to contain it. A regular mentally ill person might experience delusions, but mostly, they can still properly function. An insane person, on the other hand, can't function in society and must be kept in a mental institution to protect himself/herself and others.

    In the case of Jessica, I guess that can also mean "doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results." I guess that can also mean leaving the exact same comments over and over again every single day to the exact same person every single day and expecting different results every single day.

  3. Catherine

    ???? Bonjour / hello

    Definitions of insanity
    the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness.
    he suffered from bouts of insanity
    synonyms: mental illness, madness, dementia, lunacy, instability, mania, psychosis, craziness
    mental illness, madness, dementia, lunacy, instability, mania, psychosis, craziness
    folly, foolishness, madness, idiocy, stupidity, lunacy, silliness, craziness
    Examples of Insanity.
    Granting this patent was a demonstration of pure insanity in full force.

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  4. Flatulent Tea Bag Fa

    We're getting nearer Christmas and Jess isn't getting any happier despite this. While I wouldn't say this is insane it raises one's eyebrow a bit.

  5. RP

    Einstein's was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

  6. Anonymous

    Lack of sanity.

  7. Gazza

    Whites celebrating themselves being outbred and displaced by non whites

  8. Jessica

    You ought to know, troll.

  9. Erik

    basically, maddness or crazyness

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