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Well, English is not my mother tongue, and there was one day that I and my friends were chatting and I happened to mock my friend of being fat and he seemed upset being called fat. So I really wanna know how do you call fat people by not using the word 'fat'. BTW, I already looked it up but still not sure...

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  1. Yesheron

    There really isnt a nice word to directly call someone fat, so i would ignore talking about anyone like that but if you must then there are a few words you can use such as:
    even saying Tall can work. But even these might still offend your friend so it just depends.

  2. Anonymous

    You don't. There isn't a nice way of telling people they are fat, or a nice reason that you should.

  3. Dump the liberals in

    Horizontally challenged.
    Caloricly challenged.
    Generously proportioned.

  4. BerryBush

    Well u see there really isn t a word you can call that won t offend your friend... Why would you want to call your friend fat ?and if that person is your friend they shouldn t mind ?
    But I guess you can say healthy..

  5. Jon


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