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My school told me we.need doctors note for our absences to be excused when sick. Where do I get them? Who do I ask for to get the notes? Do you have to pay for them?

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  1. Steve S

    Why is a note from your parents not exceptable I would be telling the school to stick that where the sun don't shine you need to see a doctor to get a doctors note.
    Have one of your parents ring the school and ask why their decision to keep you home for the day requires a doctors note.

  2. Blunt

    Since you seem to be so violently ill that you skip school often, then you must provide a note from the doctor that treats your compulsive, pervasive illness to verify that you have been ill and that your disease causes you to be absent from school. This is necessary so you can get medical absences instead of truancy.

    You cannot just skip school. If you skip school, then you wil have to repeat your grade since you can only miss a few days of school without consequences ( repeat your grade, parents being accused of aiding truancy and bring send to a judge p,msummer school etc. it varies by state).

    If you claim to be sick then the doctor that treats the illness you claim to have must verify this, so you get a medical absence instead on truancy.

  3. Laurie

    You get the note from the doctor you visit regarding your illness. In the US, doctors do not charge for these notes.

  4. Steven S

    From your doctor. The doctor. You pay a fee every time you see a doctor.

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