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For my funeral, I would like my family and friends to dress in 50s and 60s clothing as I love the fashion from the rockabilly era. The song played as people come to their seats and the men carry my casket will be "What I've Done" by Linkin Park as I may be a kind-hearted guy but I've made many...

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  1. Kathy S
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    I had a cousin I loved who was cremated. Frankly, I hated that, because then I could never go to her grave and "visit" her, and I really wanted to. So I don't think I will do that. I can't imagine that anyone would come to see me, but if they wanted to, I'll be right beside my dad's grave.

    I want my services in my church, not in a funeral home. I hope whoever buries me doesn't go too cheap, or too expensive. Maybe I will preplan and prepay my funeral, so the choices can be mine.

    I also can't imagine that anyone would want my stuff, but who knows. It's just so hard to plan at my age, because everyone I know who could be in charge of my estate, is getting sick themselves, and it's possible I might outlive them. Makes it hard to plan anything.

  2. Anonymous

    It will not matter to me because I would just be buried or be cremated and get things done quickly.

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