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I really want to get my nipples pierced but I'm scared of pain and piercings ever since I pierced my septum. That hurt more than anything I've experienced and I almost passed out.. I do all my piercings myself i have my septum, industrial, couple more ear piercings, and now I want to do my nipples. I'm...

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  1. Jack

    This is a personal matter. I cannot tell you how much it will hurt. But you can guess based upon how much you can feel compared with other parts of your body. Have you pinched yourself lately? Pinch your ears, nose, and other parts for comparison.

    You really shouldn't be doing this alone. Have a friend with you. IF you pass out, then you'll have help. You can do the piercing yourself. Just be sure to have someone with you.

    Ice could help. But there are no guarantees. You've made up your mind. I would think that a little pain/discomfort would not matter.

    You could talk with a doctor about a topical anesthetic. Self-mutilation is a personal matter. Choose...choose wisely.

  2. Princess Vespa

    My only concern for you is if you are planning on having children, even if you don't breast feed your breasts are going to fill with milk. You might want to take it to a professional on this one is all I am saying. Nipples can take a beating, it won't hurt that much as long as they are done correctly.

  3. Anonymous

    do not do it. it is bad

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