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The girl I had a crush on, never had a real reason to hate me. Pretty much no reason. Her friend told me this. This is just a random question for fun. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this.

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  1. john
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    No,she didn't hate me, but the girl i had a crush on had a crush on my mate, and he fancied another girl, and he ended up dating both, and they were ok with that, he always was a lucky sod.

  2. Patronising

    All the girls I had a crush on at school were WAY older than me, they use to tease me a lot and all thought I was cute, but they never hated me.

  3. perfectlybaked

    I've had crushes on girls that didn't share the same feelings so that kind of turnaround is just as bad.

  4. Anonymous

    No, but I've had crushes that were simply unrequited before.

  5. Anonymous

    In middle school,she didn't hate me. I heard she thought I was ugly

  6. Bmore

    yes. Mrs. Nancy Reagan.

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